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A Wonderful First Week!

By Lydia Barsawme

It’s Friday and you made it through the first week of lessons, give yourself a pat on the back! It’s been the beginning a new chapter in your life journey for many of you. You may have been a little nervous and that is natural. Some of our teachers have been a little nervous too as it may be their first time teaching in our high school. And for some teachers and students, it is their first time in this city or country.  It is a new academic year, a new beginning, with so many new possibilities. I hope that during this first week you have taken it all in and been open to all that is new around

Welcome new and past students!

By Lydia Barsawme

What an amazing few days to kick off the school year at IEGS, it's been a bit too hot, but great to see the building filled with students again. Frist years were welcomed already on Wednesday, where they got to know their new new classmates with various activities and sessions and were given a tour around the school. Then on Thursday we welcomed second and third years back, along with some new students that transferred in from other schools. On Friday the day ended with ice breaker games and ice cream for all first years, so all in all we'd say it was a great few days and look forward to

Happy Summer!

By Lydia Barsawme
stockholm skolor och lärare

We can't believe it, but summer is finally here, even for all us teachers and staff, but what a year it has been! There has been teaching and learning, Group 4 Projects, Drama Performances, outside speakers, a number of inter house competitions, from x-country, tug of war, debate and one of my favourites pride pinigis. Staff and students have volunteered their time to support those in need. I have been impressed by your generosity for others. I am sure that this year, with all its special circumstances, will add to your special memories of school at IEGS as you reflect on your education in

IB Art Show

By Lydia Barsawme

Every year in the spring out IB3 students display their art pieces part of their final project. Every year we are absolutely amazed at the work and pieces our students put together! Their creativity, attention to detail and artistic ability in whichever form they choose is just outstanding. Sadly over the past few years we have had to have the gallery on display in different ways and have not been able to involve the whole school and parents as we have in the past, so this year was extra special. It was great being able to have students, staff and parents come and visit the gallery on display

IB Science Project - Mission to Mars

By Lydia Barsawme

IEGS recently had two classes carry out their group four science project. For this year student groups had to analyze, design and create a plan to rescue the science staff on Mars. The students were to imagine that in the year 2046 a theoretical problem of resupplying and keeping alive an eight person group that had an accident on a Mars  colony. A total of 10 groups competed for best design and analysis to help with  biological, chemical and physics issues. The problem solving ranged from how much  food and water to send to what type of rocket and trajectory to propose. The winning three

IEGS Building Celebrates 90 Years!

By Lydia Barsawme

En av Södermalms märkesbyggnader fyller 90 år 

Den 10:e mars kl 14:00 fyller en av Södermalms och Stockholms finaste byggnader från  funktionalismen 90 år. På det klockslaget för 90 år sedan invigdes skolbyggnaden vid Allhelgonakyrkan av kronprinsen och kronprinsessan och blev hem för Katarina Realskola som fick  flytta från sina uttjänta lokaler vid Katarina Västra Kyrkogata. 

Numera huserar Internationella Engelska Gymnasiet i byggnaden där gymnasister från hela Stockholm och med rötter från hela världen får sin utbildning bara ett stenkast från Skanstull. 

internationella engelska gymnasiet, skola i stockholm södermalm

Vi är väldigt glada att

IEGS Alumni at KTH

By Lydia Barsawme

I'm Irina Dempsey, an alumnus of IEGS and graduated from the Natural Science program in 2019. After graduating I decided to start studying directly at university; fortunately, I knew I wanted to do something engineer based. So I decided to start studying towards a degree in civil-engineer, specifically in mechanical engineering. I chose to stay in Stockholm as at that point I felt I wasn't ready to leave home, just yet. I also played a high level of football and did not want to leave my team, so I began studying at KTH during the autumn of 2019. 

I am now on my third year, and currently

Open House Updates

By Lydia Barsawme

During week 4 we were finally able to welcome individuals into the building and see our wonderful school and meet with students and staff. It was a controlled event with tickets and specific time bookings and although it was a smaller Open House to what we are used to we were very happy to have curious students visiting. We split what would have been one Open House into four smaller ones, which worked out great and made way for enough space in the building to move around comfortably. 

We do have plans for an Open House in the Spring when the application period opens for application changes

IEGS Awards

By Lydia Barsawme
utmärkelser för utmärkt utbildning

During week 37 all IES principals took part in the annual principals conference, including our principal Dr. Heimeier. The theme for the conference was well being and it was a two day conference where one was to share best practices in different areas. This theme is now brought back to the individual schools where staff focus around it in different ways. 

Also during this time schools were honoured for accomplishments over the year and this year we are proud to have brought home three awards! They were in different categories and we now proudly display them in our staff room. They were

From Dr. Heimeier

By Lydia Barsawme

What an energetic start to the year we have had! 

As an IEGS staff team, it was important for us to come together to reconnect, reset and plan for the year ahead. I am excited about our academic and pastoral focused curriculums that are designed in a way to provide a safe and calm, stimulating learning environment for all our students. Giving them the opportunity to develop skills and experiences, both in classes and in house/club activities, that encourage them to be future proof, caring global citizens. 
I hope the 2021/22 school year brings you many opportunities for change and

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