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IHC Song 2017

By Megan Rocher

Every year the traditional IHC Song takes place, where each house chooses a song that they sing acapella. This is an event where the whole house is involved, with around 200 students getting on stage and singing together. It is quite powerful and impressive! Since IEGS cannot hold 700 students and staff in the aula, the whole school makes its way over to Åså Gymnaisum down the road, and prepares for the event! It’s a great show of spirit, teamwork and of course talent too!

This year Ms Bogren and Mr Parnell were our hosts and they did an awesome job! They were very funny and kept us all

IHC X-Country 2016

By Megan Rocher

Written by Mr Foster: 

As I was going to sleep I could tell it would be a restless night. Thinking off all the elements of preparation for the cross country. Tossing and turning hoping I had not forgot anything, wondering how my house and mentor class will perform. What fancy dress to wear and would anyone have the same costume? My daughter must have also sensed the excitement as she wet the bed at 3:30​am​. With a change of sheets and double check of the packing list it was time to go back to dreaming of previous cross country events and speculating about what Thursday would bring. 

IHC Debate

By Lydia Barsawme

Inter House Debate Reflection

Out of all the different Inter House Competitions taking place at IEGS, the debate competition is one of many trophies that the different houses fight for every year, and by far one of my personal favorites. For many it can be quite scary and stressful to go up and debate in front of an audience, but this year all four houses with teams consisting of both experienced debaters and complete novices took part with great enthusiasm!

This year, we were challenged by relevant and sometimes controversial topics, that lead to intense discussions in the preparation

IHC Floorball

By Lydia Barsawme

The Inter House Floorball Competition this year took place over 2 days, in a round-robin that saw King and Pavlov in the final! Both teams played with great sprit and enthusiasm, but at the end of the showdown the title went to King house for a second year in a row! A big congratulations to all of those who participated!

IHC X-Country

By Lydia Barsawme

The first Inter House Competition of the year had an exciting start escorted with a sunny day. We saw energetic students ready to run, happy walkers and creative third years who dressed up in everything from a duck onesie to wearing a flamingo hat. The cross country run was 5k for both teachers and students to be amused by. As the runners approached the finish line, they were applauded and cheered on by the dressed up students and teachers. It went as far as
Ms. Gavin running the race in a minion onesie. After all, it was a competition and we had winners, the fastest girl belonged to Pavlov

IHC Dance

By Lydia Barsawme
Yesterday one of the most beloved Inter House Competitions took place! The Dance Competition!

It was an amazing evening with many laughs, and even some tears. We had an amazing range of dances and at the end of the evening everyone was very satisfied! The beloved King House won, due to their amazing energy, dance moves and just because they had so much fun that the audience were stunned in the end!

The other houses Curie, Pavlov and Russel were of course fantastic as well and each house got a standing ovation, which is great! A big theme in the competition was love, and there was

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