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IHC Dance

By Lydia Barsawme

There is something special about dance. It gives people goosebumps, it excites people and makes them want to join in but it also brings out feelings that they didn’t even know they had. And for the dancers there is no difference. For them this is their creative outlet, it is their freedom and this is their way of telling a story. There is no surprise that this is something that makes this a beloved inter house competition that both the partitioners and the audience are waiting all year long for it.

The room is filled with energy. This is something that everyone wants to see, students and

IHC Ensemble

By Megan Rocher

Music is a form of artistic expression that when used in its true intent has the rare capability to reach out to a crowd - regardless whether big or small, strangers or friends - and produce a rush of vast, raw emotion within every single person in the room. Intense feelings of passion, fascination and inspiration go hand in hand with a carefully constructed piece of music delivered with true authenticity on stage. It is probable that this is the reason why the Ensemble is such a well-loved inter house competition by all of IEGS. Or maybe it is simply because of how enjoyable it is -

IHC Baking Competition

By Lydia Barsawme

On the 26th of January IEGS hosted the first ever Inter House Baking Competition! Students and teachers from all houses were invited to participate, by bringing in homemade baked goods in one or more of the following three categories: Large Cakes, Biscuits & Cookies and Mini Cakes. Our three judges, Ms Dadey, Ms Moses and Ms Constantin, then had the very lucky and enjoyable task of tasting all of the entrees and judging them in the following categories: texture, appearance and of course flavour!

At the end of the day, the teachers out did the students with Dr Young taking first prize thanks

Science in Books

By Lydia Barsawme

Science in Books month starts now and lasts until Christmas. Fiction and non-fiction books with scientific theme will be on display in the library during this time. Come and and browse through the wide selection of amazing literature.

To Milan and Back - Andiamo!

By Lydia Barsawme

October and autumn had come, and it was finally time for a bunch of us IEGS students to indulge in a one-week exchange to Milan. The anticipation had been building up gradually over a long period, and - needless to say - the expectations were doubtlessly met.

To go on an exchange is a unique experience. What distinguishes it from a stereotypical five-star-hotel vacation is the opportunity to truly get a taste of the lives of the locals, as a family is hosting one. This forces anybody out of their comfort-zone, whether they like it or not, and gives a more truthful and accurate

IHC Song

By Lydia Barsawme

What a fantastic competition and such wonderful vocals!

Each house performed in their own unique way with a variety of songs chosen, all conributing to a wonderful show. Not to mention the wonderful acts we had inbetween, thaks again to Ms Bogren for putting everything together!

The auditorium was tense as the judges deliberated who the winner would be, but they finally came to a decision and.....

This year winner goes to Russell House with their song Blank Space by Taylor Swift. Their peice was directed by Shanta Afroze and an awsome special mention goes to Amanda Gustafsson for her

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