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Song Competition IHC 2014

By Tao Wang

As every year this years song competition has taken place. It's always a great event to both watch and be a part of as the many talents of the students here at IEGS are displayed. It's both a fun and a challenge to work together as one house, first by choosing a song and then having to coordinated everyone so sing on point and on key! It really does bring out the best in us all, giving us the chance to show our creative and fun side and at the same time bringing us all together. The dedication and enthusiasm shown by the students participating is a real joy to watch!

The winner this year is Curie with the song Radioactive by Imagine dragons. All houses showed lots of House spirit and let us not forget our host, Mr. Junkka, whose puns we all enjoyed. But a big congratulations on your first song competition victory Curie and well fought Pavlov, Russell and King! Looking forward to what next year has to bring!

For those who don't know what the song competition is, it's where each house chooses one song which they will preform infront of the school. There is a panel of judges and as each house performs they mark the houses on the many talents and great things they show. In the end there can only be one winner and after careful deliberation one house is declared a winner adding another trophy to the case!


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