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IHC Ensemble

By Lydia Barsawme

Last week we had our IHC Ensemble competition, which is one of the more anticipated events and the one that definitely requires the most practice. Each house puts together their team and chooses a song that they think will bring home the win. It takes weeks of practice, patience and persistence, but the end result is definitely worth all the hard work. This year we had King House performing “Chandelier” by Sia, Russell House performing “The Angel of Small Death” by Hozier, Curie House performing “Take Me Out” by Franz Ferdinand and Pavlov House performing “Gimme Shelter” by the Rolling Stones.

All four houses did an outstanding job! But of course there can only be one winner and this year King House brought home the win with “Chandelier” by Sia. Their lead vocalists were Nicola Caspar and Wendela Rang, vocals and cello: Emma Söderqvist, rhythm guitar: Samuel Wiklund, drums: Agnes Lidbrink Ekman, percussion: Miki Ueda, piano: Oscar Lapidus, violin: Julia Linderfalk, clarinet: Aleks Kabel and in the choir they had Lina Ismael and Nina Lvovskaya.

Of course choosing a song and getting up on stage is not the easiest of things. Choosing “Chandelier” by Sia was credited to Alice Signell, it is a popular song that everyone knows and one that they were able to make their own version of, it also song gave them an opportunity to include many different instruments and vocals. The best part of the experience was working as a team, getting to know other students who you maybe wouldn’t have if not for this opportunity, being creative and seeing the final masterpiece put together after weeks of practice – this is what the King house team had to say about their IHC Ensemble experience. The majority of the team members were first timers to the Ensemble, who were very nervous and excited; and most of them, if they could, would continue the journey for next year. Even if it was very stressful and time consuming, the outcome outweighs the stress and the end result is beyond rewarding!

A big thank you to our host Mr. Jonas Junkka Grape, our judges: Mr. Steven Henderson, Mr. Alex Safapay and Dr. Giles Whiteley and also to Mr. Mark Kosman for technical support.

Great job to all of you and a big congrats on your win!

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