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IHC Dance

By Lydia Barsawme
Yesterday one of the most beloved Inter House Competitions took place! The Dance Competition!

It was an amazing evening with many laughs, and even some tears. We had an amazing range of dances and at the end of the evening everyone was very satisfied! The beloved King House won, due to their amazing energy, dance moves and just because they had so much fun that the audience were stunned in the end!

The other houses Curie, Pavlov and Russel were of course fantastic as well and each house got a standing ovation, which is great! A big theme in the competition was love, and there was a lot of diversity within the theme, showing just how much it has to offer. Russel House had the theme "A celebration to life" which was clearly shown in their fantastic performance  giving each member in the audience a big smile. In the end, everyone had an amazing time and were quite satisfied with how it ended, just because everyone had so much fun participating in their own way! So thank you to all the dancers, as well as the enthusiastic audience, we all had a blast!

-- Mikaela Weijnblad HU3B


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