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Back to School Introduction from our House Captains

By Megan Rocher

Welcome everyone to a brand new year at IEGS! This term Matilda and I (Jonathan) will be the house captains of Pavlov, and we will do our absolute best to help the house in any way that we can. On the first Friday after the summer break we had our first house day where the second and third years got to finally meet the new first years. It was great to see so many new happy faces walking in the corridor and filling the empty classrooms.

The assembly which we had was our first as house captains and standing in front of over a hundred people is not as easy as some people make it look. The outdoor activity which we did later during that day was for the first years to get to know the rest of the students in second and third year, and perhaps even make a couple of new friends. As we, all third year seniors, were standing at our respective station, we could see everyone try to solve the tasks as quickly as possible. Some groups managed to impress us deeply with their speed in performing the tasks, whereas others took longer. Nevertheless most groups if not all, succeeded with a great amount of teamwork and effort. I hope that every Pavlovian had a fun time getting to know one another and that we can keep doing these kinds of activities with such high house spirit!
/Pavlov Captains


As captains of Curie house, Adonis and me, Johanna, jumped straight into the school year with the house activities. The first two days of school we welcomed the first years and the rest of the students. In Curie we wanted to make these first days as enjoyable and fun as possible. After the new students had greeted their mentors and classmates we put them in groups and let them break all the rules at once. After all, it was the first day. There were Curie students running all around the school looking for the music room, the principal, Mr P... and taking pictures with them. Needless to say, there was a lot of laughing and bonding. On the second day of school, the "old" students' return, we organized an IEGS version of Amazing Race. Different yoga positions, riddles, human knots and of course, delicious fika. It was all made possible by the help of our lovely Seniors and Inters, who all worked very hard. On behalf of Curie House, welcome back to school!
/Curie Captains

We hope you all had a long, relaxing summer vacation and are now ready to take on the next school year! We seniors had our break cut short to help plan and prepare for your arrival. There is a lot of you, and only nine of us, but luckily we also had the second year inters to help us as well, and together we hope you had some interesting first days!
During our meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday, it was our duty to plan a day of interactive activities for the new students of IEGS, as well as for the entire House. There is no way anyone can handle +180 students at once, not even our splendid seniors, and therefore we had to form a foolproof battle plan. For things to run smoothly we decided to divide our fellow Russellers into seven groups and have them rotate stations. Each station would host an activity, lead by at least one of our seniors. Our beloved and highly valued inters would be leading each group along with a mentor or two. After over an hour of frenzied photo-shooting, chair-chasing, and waffle eating, it was time to gather the House in the Aula. There, the two captains for this term held a short and slightly clumsy speech. We sang the new Russell cheer together, and after yet some more motivational words from the captains, the day was over. It ended on a high note, with each student being gifted a beautiful heart-shaped waffle on the way out.
The activities are over but the fun isn’t! We are looking forward to this year, to working with you and for you, to make this House inclusive and welcoming for all! Now that the first day's excitement has passed, our slightly more collected seniors wish you a great year! If there are any concerns you know where to find us ;) Good luck and Russell on!
/Russell Captain


Together with the King House Seniors and Interns, Deniz and I (Elisabeth) started school a day earlier to plan fun activities for the coming 2 days with the house. We welcomed the new first years with bonding activities which helped them get to know their new classes better. After this soft beginning, we welcomed the entire King House back from summer with a Friday afternoon packed with activities such as whisper charades and blindfold animal. Thanks to the amazing team of Seniors and Interns, we were able to coordinate and execute t he entire afternoon of activities smoothly and without clashes between the different groups. As captains, both Deniz and I are extremely pumped to begin this school year and plan more fun days like the one we had with the House.
/King Captains


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