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About IEGS


The administration team

Standing: Ms. Bar-Sawme, Ms. Johnstone, Mr. Lundgren, Ms. Kruusmägi and Ms Mällberg

Sitting: Ms. Hamnström, Mr. Theding, Dr. Heimeier, Mr. Kyprianou and Ms. Grönwall


Ms. Bar-Sawme, Media & Communications Coordinator

Ms. Bar-Sawme has been living in Sweden since 2013 which is when she joined IEGS. She has a degree in International Business Management and well as education in project management. She works as a photographer and videographer, currently overseeing all aspects related to media and communications.


Ms. Hamnström, Economist

Ms. Hamnström joined IEGS in 2013 as the school economist.


Ms. Kruusmägi, School Secretary

Ms. Kruusmägi is from Stockholm, Sweden. She has worked for several years in the customer service industry and part time as a translator. The last few years she worked in different countries as a scuba dive instructor, but returned to Stockholm in late 2014. She joined IEGS in August 2015.


Mr. Lundgren, Caretaker

Mr. Lundgren is from Sundsvall, Sweden. He joined IEGS in 2019 and works with safety, security and caretaking. The last 6 years he ran his own restaurant business. He holds a Masters degree in Social Sciences from Stockholm University. 


Mr. Kyprianou, IT Representative


Ms. Mällberg, SYV

Ms. Mällberg is a qualified guidance counsellor/studie- och yrkesvägledare from Lärarhögskolan. She has a Bachelor of Education in Careers Counselling and a Degree of Bachelor of Social Science with major in Careers Counselling.


Ms. Grönwall, Librarian

Ms. Grönwall is the school librarian and she holds a Masters in Library and Information from Uppsala University.


Mr. Parreiras, Substitute Coordinator

Mr. Parreiras, fondly known as Mr. P, is from Brazil. He joined the school in 2013 as the Substitute Coordinator.


Mr. Kosman, Caretaker

Mr. Kosman is from Canada. He joined the school in 2012 as the schools Caretaker.

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