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About IEGS

Social Science

The Social Science Department at IEGS offers an exciting and diverse pre-university program that prepares students for university studies in the social sciences, as well as law. The Department is, by its nature, interdisciplinary and the subjects taught in the department include Civics, History, Geography, International Relations, Religion, History of Culture and Ideas, Psychology, Business and Law. 

Aims of the department

The Social Science Department at IEGS aims at:

  • helping students broaden, deepen and develop knowledge of people’s living conditions based on different social, economical and historical issues
  • giving students the opportunity to develop knowledge of issues relating to power, democracy, gender equality and human rights including the rights of children and young people in accordance with the Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • giving students the opportunity to develop an understanding of issues related to working life, resources and sustainable development
  • developing the language skills of the students so that they can communicate at an appropriate level generally, and specifically, in the vocabulary of the social sciences
  • equipping the students with the capacity to establish relationships between the principal elements and concepts of the social science disciplines
  • encouraging students not only to develop the ability to search for, organise and assess information from different sources and media, but also to draw conclusions from the information and to express knowledge and ideas both orally and in writing, as well as using modern information technology
  • encouraging students to continue participating in the European Youth Parliament (EYP) debates to represent the school at regional, national, international level.


Truly international.
Outstanding teachers.
Safe environment.
Thanks to our international atmosphere we have a vibrant and supportive school community, where we believe that a student’s well-being is necessary for effective learning. We strive at all times to provide a safe and supportive, as well as an academically challenging, environment in which to study. Learn more ...