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About IEGS

Natural Science

The Natural Science Department at IEGS has a tradition of success and has established an excellent relationship with some of Sweden’s top university science departments.

The students studying the Natural Science Programme at IEGS have been specifically selected by the Karolinska Summer Research Program to participate in their summer school. No other Swedish school has placed more than 1 or 2 students each year. 

Alexandra Levine (left) graduated from the Natural Science Programme and went on to study a degree in Psychology at the University of Nottingham, UK.

The science department represents a variety of international science backgrounds and expertise that enriches students’ science education.

The courses taught in the department encourage students to develop the following:

  • An ability to think in a manner which is logical, critical, creative and independent
  • An ability to observe natural phenomena objectively and draw conclusions from these observations
  • An understanding of the process of science and its use as a tool to help solve personal and societal problems
  • An understanding and appreciation of our limited natural environment and a concern for its protection and future
  • A realisation that science is not only a body of knowledge and understanding but is also a search for knowledge
  • An ability to integrate science, technology, and society
  • An understanding of the interdependence of natural sciences with mathematics and the humanities
  • The realisation that in order to become life-long learners and make meaningful contributions to society, we must not only learn and understand science but also must do science

In short, IEGS science students are informed citizens, prepared by their education to deal responsibly with science-related social issues, aware of the nature and scope of a wide variety of science and technology-related careers.

For students who aspire to scientific careers, the department provides the knowledge appropriate to their needs, preparing them to study science in higher education.

Field Trip

A student video from the 2012 Environmental Studies trip to Abisko by by Oscar Kamph.

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